Franklin Wolf

This is. Tia

I was out taking photos for a poster, when I was studying photography in 1998. I was putting together a group of photos to Highlight Factory Farming, ( I was a Vegetarian at that time ).

When I met this pig.

She came over to the fence and looked up at my face and eyes. I felt shame that another human could only care how

much she was worth dead.

This photo changed my life !.


I love music as a drawing board as with the use

of images I can get almost the complete expression.


I strongly believe in respect for all animal and insect life and that humans being an animal have a shared responsibility to help each other. This gift of life we have is all any animal has and being human dose not give us any right to kill for food or take another humans life,

Or to enslave torture persecute harm another animal or human.



In most countries there is access to a non animal based diet. social media sites. Facebook and Youtube will help you find others that have made a life choice to be Vegan. Be strong. Be Vegan.



Franklin Wolf